The E Factor Diet

Celebrity Weight Loss Coach Launches New Diet Plan – John Rowley ‘s ‘E-Factor Diet’ Cuts Inches from Waist While Boosting Energy!

Millions of people around the world battle daily with their weight, agonizing over how to get rid of stubborn belly fat that just won’t go away.

They’ve tried everything, jumping from fad diet to fad diet and still feeling unsatisfied when they look in the mirror.

That’s because, according to fitness expert and celebrity consultant John Rowley, they’ve got it all wrong.

new efactor diet plan by john rowley“Big John” Rowley has launched his new E Factor Diet System with information about his secrets to losing weight — particularly stubborn belly fat and keeping it off permanently.

His diet isn’t just a way to lose weight quickly..

…it’s also a plan for reducing inflammation and restoring health and wellness.

What Is The E Factor Diet?

In his new system, John and Jared explain that most of us take the wrong approach to weight loss, battling with our bodies to lose weight and get healthy only to end up wasting time and money and achieving poor results.

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John introduces revolutionary new ideas for lasting weight loss and revitalized energy levels.

What you get from the E-factor diet is a revitalized, renewed, and of course a reset body, which ensures that you do not only lose weight, but maintain a healthy body for a long time.

The great part of the diet plan is that you do not have to spend lots of money, and you are still able to eat just the right kinds of food for your body.

Slaying Bad Gut Bugs

The E-Factor Diet website and program explain how to harness the power of the endocrine and immune systems to lose inches of belly fat while and reducing inflammation and increasing energy. efactor belly fat loss diet

The secret lies in part in killing off the unhealthy gut yeasts that are the real villain in the obesity epidemic, causing people to gain weight and store it in their bellies.

The program shares secrets for how to starve out destructive, inflaming gut yeasts, bad critters that live inside our large and small intestines gorging themselves on sugar and making our immune systems go haywire.

By following Rowley’s tested approach to getting rid of these bugs, followers of his program train their endocrine systems to pump out fat-eating hormones that speed metabolism, heal the immune system and get rid of bloat and bulge.

Four Easy Steps

The E-Factor Diet System shares Rowley’s specially-developed, four-factor weight-loss process that trains a body to become a fat-burning machine.

The System is designed to do most of the work, so that even while sleeping a person can burn calories and lose weight. While regular exercise is encouraged in conjunction with any diet, no extreme exercise regimens are required.

Best of all, anyone who follows Rowley’s four-factor plan can continue to indulge in their favorite foods with the occasional cheat meal.

In the four-factor diet plan, Rowley explains what foods to eat to burn fat naturally as well as which ones to avoid. His carefully thought out plan and food suggestions will train the endocrine system to unleash powerful hormones that will do most of the fat-burning work on their own, freeing participants to live life and stop obsessing over their weight as they watch the pounds fall off.

the efactor diet system
The E-Factor Diet program, available for instant download, comes with a number of features, including a weight loss handbook, a grocery guide that lists the exact foods needed to eat for maximum weight loss, a meal-planning blueprint, a bonus “Cheat Meals Are Mandatory” Plan and the E-Factor Fast Food Guide and several other special bonus gifts for a special discounted price of $29.95.

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The E-Factor Diet also comes with a full year’s access to Rowley’s E-Factor Elite Support Community, including 24/7 online support from Rowley’s staff as well as other E-Factor Dieters.